CARE Services

Consultations. Advocacy. Research. Education.

Joi will collaborate with you as a consultant, advocate, researcher, and educator to support gifted people.

Joi's services are intended to be virtual. Limited in-person engagements accepted.

Learn more about how Joi will CARE for you and your organization.


Corporations and Non-Profits

  • Tailored professional learning and presentations for managers, human resources, talent development teams, and employees about giftedness

  • Consultations with management teams to help them better recognize their own gifts and talents and the gifts of their employees and clients

  • Consultations with organizations to help them better serve gifted employees and clients

Field of Education

  • Tailored professional learning and presentations for teachers, administrators, psychologists, counselors, and other educators about the needs of and strategies to support gifted students throughout their lifespan

  • Tailored program development and evaluation to meet the purposes of educational organizations

  • Tailored professional learning and presentations for individuals, parents and families, and community organizations about giftedness and gifted education

1:1 Consultations

Limited one on one consultations and packages available for:

  • gifted individuals seeking the next step for their career paths or development of their talents

  • gifted entrepreneurs seeking to utilize strengths in creative ways

  • gifted employees seeking to address workspace frustrations

  • gifted employers seeking to develop leadership competencies

  • employers eager to better support their gifted employees or gifted clients

  • highly interesting or impactful brainstorm and/or feedback requests


Organizational Advocacy

Presentations and professional learning tailored to advocate for gifted people in organizational settings.

Support for Individuals

Help gifted individuals recognize and self-advocate for understanding or supports in the workspace and beyond.


Collaborate for advocacy for gifted people via the development of papers, presentations, learning experiences or more.


Mixed Methods

Design and implement research studies incorporating qualitative and quantitative methods that are positive and person-centered.

Research Areas of Specialization

  • Career and talent development of gifted, twice-exceptional, and high ability learners

  • Effective professional learning about giftedness

  • Identification of potential gifted education educators

  • Strategies to support gifted employees and employers

Participation in Others' Research Studies

Limited engagement in others' research studies.

Send highly relevant requests to with "Research Participation Request" in the subject line and indicate whether or not the study has obtained institutional review board (IRB) approval.


Professional Learning Curriculum

Design and develop tailored professional learning about giftedness, gifted education, and/or gifted adults in the workplace.

Instruction and Assessment

Design, develop, and deliver instruction and assessments to measure learning progress.

Joi Lin is not a clinical psychologist and can suggest licensed psychologists for IQ assessments and more.

Program Evaluations

Collaborate to develop and implement a program evaluation to assess what matters most for your organization in its work with or service to the gifted.

Engagements with Gifted Youth

Design and implementation of social, emotional, and/or intellectual educational experiences for gifted youth.

Professor of Gifted Education

Work as an adjunct faculty member to deliver standards-aligned coursework to graduate students of curriculum and instruction, primarily consisting of students earning their teaching endorsement.


Packages, sliding scales, and payment plans available for all sizes of organizations including corporations, non-profits, and schools.

Limited number of 1:1 career consultations with gifted individuals including adolescents, adults, employees, and managers.

Limited number of discounted or pro bono engagements that are interesting and positively impact Joi's communities.

Payment to "Joi Lin" accepted via PayPal, direct deposit, and in limited circumstances by check or purchase order.